Racial Resentment Data from 2016 CCES Modules on Github

In 2016, the CCES did not include its typical set of racial resentment battery items on the Common Content portion of the survey. To fill this gap, I searched for CCES team modules that contained racial resentment items, enabling me to extend a time series picture of racial resentment levels in the CCES. Several people have asked for some of the information behind my data collection effort — to make this easily accessible for everyone, I recently posted a Github repository with a few hopefully useful components:

  • a dataset that combines racial resentment data from all CCES modules that contain it, along with other relevant variables
  • raw data and codebooks for modules that contain racial resentment data, if users want to take directly from the source
  • codebooks for every module in 2016; this can be useful for searching for other questions (just download the zip file, and search the resulting folder for keywords)

You can find everything here.

Racial Resentment Data from 2016 CCES Modules on Github

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